Dan & Lesley's big day on 7th September 2013

time for a restWell, its time for me, Juliet, to tell you my tale. Yet again I had been hired to perform my duties as the glorious wedding transport. Its been a busy year and today was no exception. It was great to be pampered all morning by my driver. It was great to have a nice shower in the warm sun, then I was rubbed all over until a was glistening in the rays! Next stop- it was off to do my duties as the wedding transport for Cornwall VW Wedding Hire. We cruised up the A30 on that familiar drive until we reached the first destination in Camborne. yep, it was time to meet the happy bride, Lesley, and her bridal party. I had a little rest, rather excited to meet Lesley on her big day. Well, when she walked out of that front door, what an amazing surprise... I cruised off, happy we were heading to one of my favourite wedding venues- The Blue Bar, Porthtowan. I just love getting out on the open roads, in the fresh air. We had plenty of time so had a well earned stop off at Portreath. Lesley was enjoying the attention of the photos and seemed understandably excited by what lay in stall. It was not long before we were off again, this time with Porthtowan in mind.... What better venue than to be by the beach watching the world go by whilst waiting for my passengers. Lesley was soon to become Mrs Patrick and I was going to be one of the first to enjoy that excitement.Portreath P1050856After approx forty minutes it was not long before Daniel & Lesley emerged, beaming from ear to ear. This is where I came in, opened up my front eyes and sat up front. I love it when I have my photo taken, I feel so lucky to be part of Cornwall VW Wedding HIre. How many other campers my age get so looked after and pampered, let alone enjoying the company of so many happy couples....Congratulations Daniel & Lesley