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The story continues...... the evolution of Juliet

Well, we had Romeo and it was only a matter of time before we had to find Romeo a Juliet.. It was a long hard hunt to track down a good contender and not the easiest task I have to say. The VW Splitscreen camper seems to have gone from strength to strength over the years, not only in popularity but cost!  Needless to say, finding a wedding vehicle which fitted our needs was near on impossible! It was then the decision was taken to under go another camper restoration!IMG_0236 Yes, you are looking at it! This was the vehicle I had purchased and not only that I had done the deal without seeing the vehicle in the flesh. One of two results-brave or stupid? I reckon a combination of both! The massive selling point for me was it was in original paint so at least I could see what I was getting and not at risk of finding hidden nightmares!

The story continues....the restoration of Juliet

Ok, so this is where I must have been nuts. With the base vehicle sourced, I made a few calls to those who I know in the business and the vehicle was sent off to a reputable welder for some more work. At this point I had not even seen the vehicle in the flesh so I was somewhat hesitant. This led to lots of new metal-new sills, floor, arches etc. The van even had bullet holes in the sides where it had been used as target practice! It was after about three months that the van eventually arrived at Cornwall VW Wedding Hire HQ. Looking at what I had purchased, despite having done this before, I was rather concerned that I had sunk five figures into a piece of metal with no interior or engine! That said, I was committed now so had to continue...Camper Yes, what you see here is what I had invested in. Despite the nerves I was still confident I had a great base vehicle. It was time to get it prepped for paint and ready for its fresh paint job which was sure to put it into perspective (honest)

The story continues...the resto part 2

It was off to the paint shop-Simon was the man to do the job. It is always critical that you have someone that is a good painter and the vehicle is prepped for the best possible finish. Back on a trailer and it was off to change the look. I had already decided on deluxe trim so that had been prefitted, along with the little bits required before paint.body prepmore preprear quartersdoorsdoors Luckily to get this vehicle straight it did not require too much filler and was a great base as originally thought. If you count the hours to get it to this stage, it would have been scary! The paint choice was the next decision. I wanted to keep some of the original colours and blend it with the new. The one thing I knew was it had to be VW colours. Romeo had also had a blend of old and new but you get this bit wrong and the pressure is on!

The story continues.. the resto part 3

Colours- that was it decision was made- cream and white! It did not stop there though, it was time to decide what white and what cream? we got there in the end though.049 060 paint064 I couldn't resist getting the VW emblem on! It is usually the last thing that goes on but it had to be done. It was at this point that I just knew my paint codes were right and I had made the right choice! To those of you who have had the heartache of restoring a car you will know the amount of work that goes into a vehicle body to get it to this stage. I still had a long way to go at this stage. Not to mention the engine, windows and chrome bits and bobs I had the interior to contend with. This is where I really intended to make a difference and choose something that would woo those brides and just be different to anything else out there in Cornwall. It had to be classy, no tacky flashing lights and boxy interior. It had to be slick, smooth, good looking and original.

The story continues.. the resto part 4

in paint It is quite a daunting task, looking at a car you have to put back together again like a jigsaw puzzle! It is almost a case of where do you start. All those windows need glass, rubbers and frames. Each of those windows can take up to 6hrs alone! I remember fitting the deluxe trim, what a nerve racking experience. one slight slip and thats the paint gone...Deluxe trim was not standard on VW's but it just finishes off the look and breaks down the colours. The other thing I had to consider here, which did add to the pressure, was the fact I had weddings booked and time was creeping upon is. 072I was slightly worried considering at this stage I had three months to go, no engine, brakes or interior! I decided it was time to tackle the interior which was going to be the single most time consuming exercise....