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How it all began.......part 1

Ok, so I've decided it was about time to start a blog and what better way than to start from the beginning...the evolution of Cornwall VW Wedding Hire. in the paintshop...The obsession with everything VW started way back in 1989 when I visited Bug Jam #3 as a wee 15yr old. A few Volkswagens later and moving swiftly onto 2001, I delved into the world of VW Splitscreen campers. It was then that I purchased the now familiar "Romeo" for the measly sum of £700. I set myself the task of restoring this vehicle within a year, ignoring the my mates wise words that I was nuts!   turned out good... Now for those of you who are not particularly into talking engines, carbs and wheels this is where I will keep it brief! The camper had a complete ground up resto-new metal, new paint, new interior, new gearbox, engine, stereo system. In fact, not a lot of the original van was left by the time i finished.  



Come and join us at Pentewan Sands wedding fayre. Set to be a great day with lots to come and see for your big day! We'll be there with Juliet, ready to meet and greet! new logo 2

How it all began... part 2

From the previous log, you can probably recognise my chosen colour scheme for Romeo was red and cream. I kept with some of the original colour to some extent which was pearl weiss all over. The addition of another VW red colour just topped it off. I have to confess that actua072lly my mates had a point. Working after work til 2am and weekends went down well with my now wife. Not to mention my wallet, which reached way into five figures. Ok, so maybe 18months of my life was a little longer than I thought but the result was well worth it. What would you prefer, chilling out at home, maybe watching a DVD, maybe night out with the missis? How about spending 6hrs fitting one window into a VW bus?  

How it all began....part 3

Needless to say, the effort and time was on another level. All this for the love of the hobby, which bac281k then I did not realise would turn into a job as Cornwall VW Wedding Hire. The interior was pretty much hand made, other than a few bits courtesy of Creative  282Engineering-(splitscreen part specialists who supplied the "rock'n roll bed"). I had this vision of sitting and watching a DVD, listening to tunes or even playing the playstation. Turning that vision into reality was something else but I got there in the end. I have to say it wasn't until a lads trip to Newquay that we put it to good use! The sounds were courtesy of an Alpine stereo and infinity speakers all round. Being lazy I threw in the remote for those cozy evenings watching a DVD!  

How it all began...part 4

Wind the story on 3yrs and it was then time to take the long drive to Sandown Park- inside at the 2005 Volksworld Show! I was a happy man I have to say. It was then featured in Ultra VW magazine and I even spotted it on the back of Splitscreen scene.

Nearly 10 years on again, Romeo then featured on "Cornwall with Caroline Quentin"-(blog coming) and my mum and dad thought it was funny to buy a 2012 VW Calender-and to my surprise it featured Romeo!camper