The story continues...the resto part 2

It was off to the paint shop-Simon was the man to do the job. It is always critical that you have someone that is a good painter and the vehicle is prepped for the best possible finish. Back on a trailer and it was off to change the look. I had already decided on deluxe trim so that had been prefitted, along with the little bits required before paint.body prepmore preprear quartersdoorsdoors Luckily to get this vehicle straight it did not require too much filler and was a great base as originally thought. If you count the hours to get it to this stage, it would have been scary! The paint choice was the next decision. I wanted to keep some of the original colours and blend it with the new. The one thing I knew was it had to be VW colours. Romeo had also had a blend of old and new but you get this bit wrong and the pressure is on!