How it all began.......part 1

Ok, so I've decided it was about time to start a blog and what better way than to start from the beginning...the evolution of Cornwall VW Wedding Hire. in the paintshop...The obsession with everything VW started way back in 1989 when I visited Bug Jam #3 as a wee 15yr old. A few Volkswagens later and moving swiftly onto 2001, I delved into the world of VW Splitscreen campers. It was then that I purchased the now familiar "Romeo" for the measly sum of £700. I set myself the task of restoring this vehicle within a year, ignoring the my mates wise words that I was nuts!   turned out good... Now for those of you who are not particularly into talking engines, carbs and wheels this is where I will keep it brief! The camper had a complete ground up resto-new metal, new paint, new interior, new gearbox, engine, stereo system. In fact, not a lot of the original van was left by the time i finished.