The story continues....the restoration of Juliet

Ok, so this is where I must have been nuts. With the base vehicle sourced, I made a few calls to those who I know in the business and the vehicle was sent off to a reputable welder for some more work. At this point I had not even seen the vehicle in the flesh so I was somewhat hesitant. This led to lots of new metal-new sills, floor, arches etc. The van even had bullet holes in the sides where it had been used as target practice! It was after about three months that the van eventually arrived at Cornwall VW Wedding Hire HQ. Looking at what I had purchased, despite having done this before, I was rather concerned that I had sunk five figures into a piece of metal with no interior or engine! That said, I was committed now so had to continue...Camper Yes, what you see here is what I had invested in. Despite the nerves I was still confident I had a great base vehicle. It was time to get it prepped for paint and ready for its fresh paint job which was sure to put it into perspective (honest)