The story continues.. the resto part 3

Colours- that was it decision was made- cream and white! It did not stop there though, it was time to decide what white and what cream? we got there in the end though.049 060 paint064 I couldn't resist getting the VW emblem on! It is usually the last thing that goes on but it had to be done. It was at this point that I just knew my paint codes were right and I had made the right choice! To those of you who have had the heartache of restoring a car you will know the amount of work that goes into a vehicle body to get it to this stage. I still had a long way to go at this stage. Not to mention the engine, windows and chrome bits and bobs I had the interior to contend with. This is where I really intended to make a difference and choose something that would woo those brides and just be different to anything else out there in Cornwall. It had to be classy, no tacky flashing lights and boxy interior. It had to be slick, smooth, good looking and original.